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Border Control of the Future

Malaysia has a lot of work opportunities. So much so that we are attracting a lot of immigrants that come to Malaysia to find job opportinities. The only problem is that due to their low income requirements, employers are opting for their service instead of hiring a local employee which is said to be very sellective and requires higher pay. In fact our workers are finding better pay in our more developed neighbors and moving there to get better pay. This has cause a brain drain in the skills of our work force.

This massive influx of immigrants and high demand for their services has cause some of them to over stay and become an illegal imigrant. There are over 4 million immigrants in the country and there are more illegal that have not been accounted for, but unofficially in the range of 2 million. Immigration Department will have to impose strict rule and enforcement in order to curb the growing issue of illegal imigrants in the country.

With the introduction of technology and the multi model capture of biometrics will enable the immigration department to have better control in monitoring immigrants in the country. With utilization of Big Data we would be able to provide intelligence in the collection of data and be able to access potential problems and ways to rectify them.

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