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Expert Guidance

  1. Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM)

We develop a profiling system which enable our clients to profile individual clients and monitor and track their performance and capabilities. We also include in Business Intelligence to provide Management Information System(MIS)

2. Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics

a) Smart Integrated Transport System (SITS)

We have done a study on a system to integrate multiple transport system and a Journey Planner to monitor mass transit commuters in the city. The system is able to track the registered users through multiple mass transit system and be able to provide information for the commuters. The system will able to review passage behaviour and travelling habits to improve the utilization of assets and frequency of service to the area. It can also identify the peak period for the public transport company to maximize the efficiency of their service.

b) Railway Management System (RMS)

We automate the capturing of data to monitor the maintenance of the ware and tear components of the railway components which includes, wheel traction, break disc, lifts springs and track alignment. Utilizing well positioned IOT (Internet of Things) to capture live data that will provide better information to the Maintenance Engineers to optimize their operations and reduce their cost. The system can provide historical data on the identify if the effectiveness of the Rolling Stocks Management and provide Railway Safety.

We are also able to developed effective Resource Planning for Drivers and Crews Management System to identify and simulate it with the scheduling system.

c) Professional Data Engineer and Analytic Training

We provide professional training program in the areas of Data Engineer, Data Analyst and Data Scientist. Our programs will train the participant to understand their data structure and how to enrich it further by identifying the right data to use from multiple source. Participants who has completed the program will undergo an examination. Upon passing the examination participants will be given a certificate by a recognize tertiary education. We are the first to provide a non-product centric program, but more comprehensive understanding of data structure and requirement.

d) Border Control and Security System

We have worked and design a system that captures a multi model biometric, which is able to capture the finger print, Iris recognition and facial recognition for Border Control registration and profiling. Each biometric system is fitted for multiple purpose. For legality purposes we still need to capture the fingerprint of individuals, but the effectiveness of the fingerprint system will delay the processing and clearance at the entry and exit point because of extensive security. The Iris Recognition System will enable for the system to identify the individual and recognize his fingerprint faster, therefore reducing the processing time at the counter at entry and exit points. This combination is ideal for effectively monitoring borders that are porous and easily accessible through Land, Sea and Air Ports.

The facial recognition system will enable enforcement officers to perform surveillance and security checks at high density places and be able to recognize the faces of suspects in the area to be pull aside for further identification through iris recognition or fingerprint recognition.

e)Smart City Indexes

i) Smart Security and Surveillance System

ii) Smart Public Transport & Traffic Control System

iii) Smart Utilities and Management System

iv) Smart Garbage Collection System

v) Smart Health Management System

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