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The Path to Success

  1. Telecommunication Infrastructure and Solution

We are able to designing and construct and commission of telecommunication towers. 

In order to deliver and provide an effective Telecommunication Tower we would need to conduct a feasibility study on the existing coverage in the surrounding area (Geographical and Topological Study). We would also need to identify the connectivity and the number of potential voice and data users in the area. All these data will enable us to identify which type of Tower would be best suited for the location, to deliver the most effective coverage and the best ROI.

Type of Tower

 a) Ground Base Towers- These are 35 to 75 meter towers. It has broad base coverage.

 b) Monopoles Towers – These are use when there is a restriction in terms of space. Especially in highly dense place. Tower can go as high as 35 to 50 meters. It has a broad base coverage.

c) Aesthetic Monopoles

 d) Roof Top Towers – These towers are smaller in size, between 10 to 15 meters. Its more suitable for town and city centre and it normally place on top of building and commercial property. The distance coverage is smaller.

 i) Tripods

ii) Unipoles

iii) Mast

iv) Booms

Network and Telecommmunication: Services
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