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Committed to Excellence

Sistem Perintis Sdn. Bhd. was established in October 2014 with a Private Limited Company status, we are a 100% Bumiputra own and we are registered with the Ministry of Finance, and Customs Department Malaysia to provide ICT Solution, Hardware and Training to all Government Sector. As a Sistem Integrator we understand the need to use integrated advance technology to improve the operations and to provide efficiency of work life balance. With the right technology and expertise in place we would be able to indirectly improving the standard of living for the society in Malaysia. We have worked and collaborated with many international companies to provide the best hybrid to serve the client’s requirement. We understand that it would be best to not reinvent the wheel, but identify and adopt the best technology solution and to enhance it further by encompassing our expertise with the user’s process and pain points. We have over 30 years of combine experience in the field of Information Technology. We have witness and experience the ever changing evolution of the industry from being product base to solution base and now information base. We have been able to adapt our resources to cater for these changes.

Our objective is to build a sustainable business model that uses the latest technology to provide convenience and practicality to our clients in specific and to be able to indirectly improve the expectation and living standards of the society as a whole.

There are many technology providers out there that claim to be the best in their field of interest. Most of these companies are technology centric and they do not provide the end to end solution that the customers need.

Sistem Perintis on the other hand take special emphasis to understand the clients pain points and objective. We study the client’s technology architecture, infrastructure and blueprint to understand the problem issues. We will in turn provide our recommendation on which technology solution should be adopted by the clients to ensure sustainability and continuity in order to improve their services in the long run. We are a company that understand our customer’s requirement first before recommending them the appropriate technology hybrid that best deliver their objective. We are a client centric technology company, which we believe is the right formula for a successful implementation.

We believe with the right methodology and approach to any issues or project implementation will enable us to deliver a successful project. Level setting and client’s expectation is important to understand in order to avoid any misunderstanding and confusion. Even though the right technology is important the delivery and implementation is equally important. Therefore, a strong Project Management Team is vital in implementing a successful project. This is where our strength and commitment to our clients. Apart from our Project Management Team we also provide for a One Stop Call Centre to handle, track and monitor all issues.

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