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With Lemabaga Kemajuan Ikan Malaysia (LKIM) our team did the following;
a) We develop a CRM Profiling of all registered fisherman. We attached the license againt the vesel and its owner. We then captured the feul quota for each vesel and monitored their intake of fuel subsidy (deisel and petrol)system to monitor fuel subsidy to all registered fisherman in Malaysia and we tagged it to their respective vessel to monitor he usage of subsidize fuel. 
b) The respective vesel is required to declare their catchment before they will be entitled for the next intake of feul subsidy. We also monitor their daily catchment to determine the effectiveness of the fuel subsidy in assisting the fisherman. This is ensure that there are no abuses in the usage of subsidy fuel.
c) We also provided them with a SMART Card ID which is capable of storing limited transaction and will be able to upload transaction data via GPRS to the back end Data Centre.
d) We also provided a Business Inteligence Dashboard which shows all the captured transaction base on individual vesel and their performance online for LKIM Management to review.

Lembaga Kemajuan Ikan Malaysia

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